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Pat Butler-Holley, UK

I have always been interested in dogs from a very early age after watching my uncle showing Wire Fox Terriers in his white coat and flat cap, with lots and lots of white powder (chalk) all over the place. How times change!! The first Irish setter I owned was rescued but to rescue her I had to buy her as she needed to be removed from that home as soon as possible.

My kennel of Irish Setters and in later years Welsh Springer Spaniels have proved to be very successful over the years in the show ring, with many gaining their UK Show Champion titles together winning well over 120 Challenge Certificates between them. Many others have been very successful around the world gaining their titles for their owners in their respective countries, this is something I am very proud about. To win with your own stock is simply wonderful but to see other people win with stock you have bred is quite special. Success in both breeds have seen us winning top breeder, top puppy, top dog/bitch, and winning many CC doubles along the way. Joining this with many BOB’s and Group wins in both breeds is something I am immensely proud of and all achieved with only breeding the occasional litter.

I am currently approved to award Challenge Certificates in 24 breeds which includes all the spaniel breeds in the UK. I have judged the Gundog Group at championships shows 6 times with more scheduled in the future. I have judged in Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland and not forgetting The Isle of Man. I attend many breed specific seminars which is something I enjoy, this gives me a fuller understanding of the different nuances of the different breeds, which in turn improves my knowledge and experience, which I continually seek. In 2006 I had the honour of judging Irish Setter bitches at Crufts. And this year 2023 I judged Red & White Setters both appointments were an absolute delight to judge.

In past years I have served on several committees in a variety of different positions for different clubs. I have also been proactive in the health of Irish Setters and Welsh Springer Spaniels over many. I also enjoy delivering breed seminars along with assessing new judges and encourage learning on all aspects of dogs. on many occasions.

Its an absolute honour to be invited to judge this special show in Finland.

Pat Butler-Holley



Nicola Calvert, UK

Nicola Calvert has been involved in the exhibiting and breeding of dogs all her life. Born into a showing home Nicola showed Pomeranians and Great Danes under the family affix of Fullate from a very early age. When she married, she took out her own affix with the Kennel Club and Calvdale is the banner under which she and her husband have been breeding English Springer Spaniels with no small amount of success, for over 45 years.

Nicola is a well known judge in the UK and has also judged abroad in Germany, Sweden and Finland on a number of occasions. Nicola is the Secretary of the Northern English Springer Spaniel Society .She judges many breeds at Open Show level as well as having been the Secretary of a General Open Show Societies for a number of years Nicola and Martin were the Top Winning Breeders in the breed on a number of occasions. Having on many occasions been the recipient of Top Dog, Top Puppy and many other awards that have come the way of the Calvdale dogs Nicola now finds it is more about the work behind the scenes that delights her and seeing a puppy picked from a litter go on to become a show dog and perhaps even a Sh Ch gives one great heart. “It isn’t all about the winning. Sometimes you can be pleased with a lower placing if you feel the dog has really tried its best and seeing something grow in confidence and take on the showing job and enjoy it is a great feeling”.

“My early memories of dogs and dog showing were as a tiny child being taken what seemed then to be huge journeys by public transport and watching my mother showing her Pomeranians. Years moved on and through my teenage years I handled our Great Danes and Poms at small shows andlearned a lot about breeding, stud work and general husbandry. These things were stored away and later were very valuable tools when one started the Calvdale Kennel.
In the beginning with ESS, especially living in rural North Yorkshire and so close to the famous Cleavehill kennel of Jean and Bill Taylor and the Teesview’s of Ellen Dobson, one couldn’t help but be influenced by these people. Eventually Cleavehills and Teesviews were incorporated into the developing Calvdale line and I used a Cleavehill stud dog not that long before Jeans passing so looking back over many of the pedigrees of my dogs, you will find the use of these dogs and see the influence in the progeny even today.




Angela Chandler, UK


My name is Angela Chandler” Chanangel ESS & WSS I live in Northallerton North Yorkshire with my 3 Daughters my husband the dogs, horses and guinea pigs.

I was born into the world of “Dog Showing “ as my mother is Nicola Calvert from the Calvdale ESS kennel and from a very young age appeared in a show ring.

My love for Dogs grew and grew and now I have made up champions in both ESS and WSS.

I also award Challenge certificates in both breeds and currently have the top winning WSS breeders team and Veteran in the breed, the love for dogs continues down the generations with 2 of my daughters also showing and seen at Crufts this year