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  • BEST IN SHOW ess Glamorly Glamborghini
  • BEST IN SHOW-2 wss Benton Yard Sale

  • BIS-pentu ess Firedot’s Jewel Of Winter
  • BIS2-pentu wss Vivamind’s Light Fresh Breeze

  • BIS-juniori wss Don’s It’s A Conspiracy Darling
  • BIS2-juniori ess Fantic Virtual Queen

  • BIS-veteraani ess Wildomar’s Sibeliuksen Sointu
  • BIS2-veteraani wss Buumin Jelly Bean

  • BIS-kasvattaja wss kennel Benton
  • BIS2-kasvattaja ess kennel Adamant’s

  • BIS-jälkeläisluokka Adatza’s The Forever Moments

  • BIS-PARI Adatza’s The Forever Moments & Adatza’s Let Me Shine

  • Näyttelyn vanhin koira Barecho Gingerbread Cookie

  • BIS-turisti Arctic Shade’s Above All Elegance

  • BIS SPME VOI1 Finnhill Lady Hunter
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ROP Glamorly Glamborghini
PU2 Adamant’s Show Your Cards
PU3 Adamant’ All You Need Is Love
PU4 Kahdensiskon Just A Top Scorer

ROP-pentu Firedot’s Jewel Of Winter
VSP-pentu Lordsett Across The Universe

ROP-juniori Fantic Virtual Queen
VSP-juniori Ocean Pitfall Classified As Perfect

ROP-veteraani Wildomar’s Sibeliuksen Sointu
VSP-veteraani Glamorly Glamborghini

VSP Wildomar’s Sibeliuksen Sointu
PN2 Bardem’s Hypnotic View
PN3 Bethryn Venetian Sunset
PN3 Fantic Rock’N’Roll Girl

ROP-kasvattaja kennel Adamant’s
ROP-jälkeläisluokka Adatza’s The Forever Moments

Parhaat liikkeet Firedot’s Jewel Of Winter
Paras pää Bardem’s Playing With Fire
Paras suomalaisista vanhemmista Wildomar’s Sibeliuksen Sointu


ROP Benton Yard Sale
PU2 Glenbrows Zephyr
PU3 Benton Jump Through Hoops
PU4 Rocbee Guess Who

ROP-pentu Vivamind’s Fresh Light Breeze
VSP-pentu Tuulismo Just Brew It

ROP-juniori Don’s It’s A Conspiracy Darling
VSP-juniori Rocbee Guess Who

ROP-veteraani Buumin Jelly Bean
VSP-veteraani Glenbrows Zephyr

VSP Don’s It’s A Conspiracy Darling
PN2 Benton Gives Everyone Goosebumps
PN3 Benton Fine Champagne
PN4 Buumin Jelly Bean

ROP-kasvattaja kenenl Benton

Parhaat liikkeet Benton Yard Sale
Paras pää Rocbee Jimmy Dean
Paras suomalaisista vanhemmista Rocbee Guess Who

Jämsä, Paunun urheilukenttä, 02.06.2024

Erikoisnäyttelyymme osallistuu 225 springerspanielia!

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Jos et ole saanut koirasi numerolappua sähköpostiisi, ota yhteyttä: aino.makela@gmail.com


englanninspringerspanieli, walesinspringerspanieli, myös pennut (5- alle 7 kk &  7- alle 9 kk), jälkeläisluokka ja junior handler-kilpailu.

Arvostelu alkaa klo 9.

Ilm. 16.5./20.5 mennessä: http://www.showlink.fi, vain netti-ilmottautuminen. Ilm.maksu 37€, saman om. 2. jne koira, pennut ja vet. 32€, yli 10-v vet. ilmaiseksi veteraaniluokissa. 17.-20.5. kaikki luokat 50€.

– Turistiluokka 10€, Tilinumero: FI52 1146 3000 8749 89, viite 4006
– Pari- ja pukukilpailu: ilmoittautuminen paikan päällä 5€/kilpailu.

Turistien ilmoittautumiset sähköpostitse: aino.makela@gmail.com

Tiedustelut: Aino Mäkelä / aino.makela@gmail.com


  • englanninspringerspanieli nartut kaikki luokat, PN ja ROP-jun, ROP-Kasvattaja
    Sarah Willett, Iso-Britannia
  • englanninspringerspanielit pennut, urokset kaikki luokat, PU ja ROP, ROP-pentu, ROP-vet, ROP-Jälkeläisryhmä
    Annelie Karlsson, Ruotsi
  • walesinspringerspanielit
    Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia
  • Junior Handler-kilpailu Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia

Varalla molemmille roduille Annelie Karlsson, Ruotsi


Paras pentu Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia
Paras juniori Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia
Paras veteraani Annelie Karlsson, Ruotsi
Paras metsästyskoe palkittu Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia
Paras turisti Annelie Karlsson, Ruotsi
Paras pari Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia
Paras jälkeläisryhmä Annelie Karlsson, Ruotsi
Paras kasvattajaryhmä Jennifer Millard, Iso-Britannia
Näyttelyn paras Annelie Karlsson, Ruotsi

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  • Jälkeläisluokka, ROP molemmissa roduissa sekä BIS
  • Pari-kilpailu, BIS
  • Paras metsästyskokeessa palkittu, BIS
  • Näyttelyn vanhinkoira, BIS
  • Turisti, BIS
  • Paras suomalaisista vanhemmista, ROP molemmissa roduissa
  • Parhaat liikkeet, ROP molemmissa roduissa
  • Paras pää, ROP molemmissa roduissa
  • Pukukilpailu


Annelie Karlsson
”I live outside Töreboda in West side of Sweden with my partner Tomas and our dogs and Icelandic horses!! My great interest in dogs started at an early age together with the fact that I also had a horse. 

My breeding started with English Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels in 1986. But from 1990, it has only been the English Springer Spaniel that has been closest to my heart. I have a litter every year, and there have been many Champions over the years. I also have a great interest in herding dogs and today there are also some Shetland sheepdogs at kennel Linmoor.

I have judged at many Kennel Club and Spaniel and Retriever shows. I judge all spaniel and retriever breeds. Has also judged in many other countries including Australia. Looking forward to come to Finland and judge at your show.”

Jennifer Millard
”Born into a family who primarily worked Weimaraners, and later owned and showed German Wirehared Pointers, I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Sharon Pinkerton of the Bareve Kennels and campaigned three champions to their titles and took two nationals titles as a junior before turning my attention to spaniels around fifteen years ago. Now fully dedicated to Welsh Springers and I am indebted to John Thirlwell of Ferndel Welsh Springers for his support, I have campaigned two Ferndel Welsh Springers to their titles and have a young bitch who is already winning well, Show Champion Ferndel High Comand at Rubylea was Top Male last year. I am passed to award Challenge Certificates in 14 Gundog Breeds and will judge my first Gundog Group at Champion Show level in 2024. I also enjoy the administrative side and currently serve on the Kennel Board, am Chair of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and serve on the Crufts Committee. I am Vice Chair and Chief Steward of Birminingham National Dog Show. ”

Sarah Willet 
” I have grown up in the Trimere kennel with my mum and been exhibiting since the age of 14 years old. My first owed ess was Sh Ch Trimere Tigra who brought the kennel great success winning Best in show at 2 general championship shows with over 10000 dogs at each one. This started an excellent show career for myself and I have piloted many ess to there titles and bred with my mum many over 50 Gb and international champions. I have had privilege of judging our wonderful breed with CC several times in the UK. I have been a member of the ess committee of GB for some years and now serve on a general championship show committee. My interest had always and will always be Ess but I love all dogs and show great interest in all breeds even handling many other breed in and out of the gundog group and have been very successful with this. ”
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